Senior System and Network Analyst


Senior Network and System Analyst

Primarily responsible for deploying and maintaining networking and network security infrastructure to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the platforms. This role will support the technology architect and product development group as required to implement new network infrastructure and services.


  • Design, configure, implement and maintain network security platforms and services and their associated software, such as routers, switches, firewalls, intrusion detection/Intrusion prevention and cryptography platforms.
  • Diagnose and resolve unique and complex networking related problems
  • Monitor and resolve network system alerts and production incidents and VM ware infrastructure.
  • Follow strict change management protocols and security procedures
  • Maintain documentation of network environment including logical and physical diagrams and maps
  • Assist in documentation of assets, processes procedure and solutions
  • Assist in the management of vulnerability and risk management program
  • Support and participate in business continuity and disaster recovery plan development and testing
  • Support and participate in business continuity and disaster recovery plan development and testing
  • Support product development teams to ensure sprint goals are achieved
  • Work with support team to successfully manage business to business environments
  • Fulfill the technical requirements of your team as needed to accomplish team responsibilities
  • Maintain on-call support and ability to receive and respond to critical system alerts
  • After hours and weekend work required as planned to support scheduled change events



Leadership skills: Ability to gain support and trust of employees and peers to work through project and issues

Technology skills:

  • 8 years expertise implementing, configuring and managing common networking protocols including Switching, Routing, TCP/IP, ACLs. NAT, SNAT. QoS, HTTP, SFTP, FTPS, DNS. 802.11.H.323, SIP, SNMPv3, Load Balancing, and advanced uses of networking technologies including VARP, VRRP, Dynamic and Static BGP, OSPF, VXLAN, LACP, LAG/MLAG, tagging, ISCI, Performance tuning and geo-distributed enterprise environments
  • 5+ years expertise in modern networking security including Next Gen Security Appliances, IDS/IDP, Application Delivery Controllers, Cryptography, PKI management, Enterprise Wireless, 802.1x, TACACS+, Radius, LDAP, AAA, Syslog, and sFlow
  • 3+ years working knowledge of the Microsoft Stack including Windows Server, Clusters, Hyper-V, IIS, .NET, SQL Server, NPS, Active Directory, Network teaming, advanced firewall, defender
  • Proficient using networking tools including packet capture, Wireshark, Nmap, tracert, putty etc.
  • Proven ability to deliver consistent and reliable work product in a dynamic and complex working environment hosting multi-tiered, mission-critical systems that do not tolerate downtime

Qualifications and Experience

  • Masters in IT & Computer Sciences
  • Certified CCNP Routing & Switching
  • Problem Solving, Communication skills, organization, flexibility and Project Management

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