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      Why Choose Medcare?

      Since 2012, Medcare MSO has been creating a positive impact in the healthcare IT industry in Pakistan. The company’s phenomenal growth is a result of its values and culture incorporated into its practices. Our culture and values set us apart and make us the employer of your choice. Being a people-focused company, Medcare MSO knows your worth. In Medcare MSO, you are valued as an individual and considered an integral part of the team. Therefore, you experience innovation, inspiration, and integrity to progress within yourself and beyond what you know.

      We also offer market competitive compensation and benefits in line with industry standards. Our workforce is our fundamental focus, and they deserve to be a part of every success company achieves.

      If you’re looking to progress with top industry professionals in a fast-paced environment, you are the best fit for us!

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      Medcare MSO is now one of the leading Healthcare IT companies in Pakistan. The company's extraordinary success results from the values and culture ingrained in the business practices. It distinguishes us from others and makes us the employer of your choice.

      At Medcare MSO, we believe in fostering a culture of mutual growth through sharing knowledge. We emphasize working together to learn and deliver while making teamwork fun. You'll be the right fit for us if your goal is to excel in a fast-paced workplace among leading specialists of the industry.

      Diversity in Equality, Redefined

      Our Benefits

      How We Care About You

      At Medcare, we believe our power lies in our people.

      Guided by the same objective, we strive to continuously provide our employees with lucrative compensation and incentives. These benefits include health insurance, outpatient medical coverage, loan benefit, cashable leaves, paid time off, provident fund, and more.

      Additionally, we truly believe that employees within the company deserve recognition. So, we focus on taking care of their career development as well as personal growth. We offer promotions, salary reviews, annual bonuses, and increments. Also, we perform internal hiring and offer paid training and coaching to our employees. Throughout the tenure with the company, our employees continuously experience both personal and professional development.

      But we don’t just stop here! We clearly understand that employees need engagement activities besides recognition and professional development. So, we incessantly incorporate engagement activities and arrange events to keep employees happy and satisfied.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Have questions? We're here to help.

      • We are a US-based Healthcare IT and Revenue Cycle Management Company, branching into Software Research & Development.

      • As a healthcare IT company, we provide medical billing services to several healthcare organizations in the USA, including hospitals, labs, rehabilitations, private physicians, etc.

      • Our purpose is to provide all our clientele with innovative healthcare solutions along with our facilities and ensure smooth and timely payments are made to all healthcare providers affiliated with us.

      • Our culture is supportive, inclusive, and progressive, combined with all the fun things we do here. It makes you stay! Being an equal opportunity employer, we celebrate people from all cultures and backgrounds with various skill sets to keep our culture rich, healthy, and diversified.

      • We offer market-competitive compensation to all our employees with lucrative incentives, annual increments, bonuses, and paid time off that take your pay grade up a notch. In addition to that, you get paid training too!

      • You can apply for job openings at Medcare MSO by visiting our career portal or submitting your application through online platforms such as LinkedIn, Rozee, or Indeed. You can also directly send your resume to our recruitment team by emailing it to

      • With experienced trainers in all departments, we ensure that all new and existing employees undergo continuous training to polish their skills and grow each day. We do this at Medcare MSO because we believe all our employees should be a constant work in progress to be their best selves along their career path and rightfully deserve all promotions that may come their way!

      • We offer employees medical insurance coverage for self, spouse, and their children, along with restricted medical outpatient coverage. Moreover, we give paid time off, loan benefits, and encashable leave balance. Adjustments are made from time to time to match our employees’ compensation as per industry competition and economic standards, including annual bonuses and Provident Fund.

      • Major qualities we look for but are not restricted to include: Confidence, Integrity, Passion, Innovation, and Self-Belief.

      • To start the recruitment process at Medcare MSO, you can either apply through the company's career portal, online platforms such as LinkedIn or Rozee or by emailing your resume to If your application is shortlisted, the recruitment team will schedule a preliminary phone interview. If you perform well in the phone interview, you will be invited to attend an in-person interview. If you are successful in the final interview, you will receive a confirmation via phone call and email from our recruitment team.

      • It depends on the type of position you have applied for. Usually, there will be two interviews, one with the line manager and the other with the department head.

      • We will contact you directly via call or email at the contact information mentioned on your resume.

      • We believe in hiring talent from within our company. Therefore, we do internal hiring too. Or if sometimes, you as an employee feel that you may be better suited for another department, and if there’s a possibility, then yes, we don’t see a reason why not.

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